Welcome to the Idaho State Contest

Important Dates & Times


April 11th, 2020, The College of Idaho, Caldwell

National History Day in Idaho

Annual Theme: Breaking Barriers in History

Regional Contests: There are six regional contests across Idaho. The top finishers at the regional contests are invited to the state contest. 

State Contest: Registration will open February 29th-March 27th. Papers must be submitted and websites will be locked on March 28th.

National Contest: The 1st and 2nd place finishers in every category in the junior and senior division will compete at the national contest at the University of Maryland in College Park from June 7-11th, 2020.  




Welcome Students!


1. To CONFIRM You Will Attend State:

  1. Login to your student profile (do not create a new account). Use your existing NHD username and password.
  2. Make sure student and parent email addresses are correct.
  3. Make sure your mailing address is correct and includes zip code.
  4. Correct your project title, if necessary.
  5. Apply for a special award, if you wish to be considered.
  6. Pay the $15 registration fee.
  7. Save and exit.
  8. Follow the instructions below for your entry type:

2. Additional Instructions for Website Students

You need to provide the Weebly URL for your website during registration. Your URL should look like this: https://12345678.nhd.weebly.com.

If your URL has words instead of numbers in the middle, you’ll need to convert it to NHD Weebly before you register. To convert: go to nhd.weebly.com  and login using your Weebly username and password. Click “Convert” and write down your new URL. If you experience issues converting your website contact nhdsupport@weebly.com.

When you register, you will type in the 8-digit number from your URL (just the numbers, not the entire URL).

Websites will lock for judging on March 28th. You will not be able to access your site during the judging period.

Websites will unlock after the competition, allowing you time to make revisions before the next competition.

3. Additional Instructions for Paper Students

Papers must be submitted by March 28th, 2019. Papers will need to be uploaded in PDF format to your registration portal by the end of the registration period in order for your registration to be considered complete. Make sure your annotated bibliography is included.

4. Additional Instructions for Documentary Students

Documentaries must be published and when you register, provide your video URL. Your annotated bibliography and process paper should be emailed to Idahohistoryday@ishs.idaho.gov.

5. Additional Instructions for Performance Students

Performance scripts, process papers, and annotated bibliographies must be emailed to Idahohistoryday@ishs.idaho.gov.


If you are competing in an Individual category and cannot attend the contest, you must send an email to johanna.bringhurst@ishs.idaho.gov to cancel your reservation. Provide your name, age division, category, and project title.

If you are competing in a Group category and one member of your group cannot attend, do not cancel your reservation. Not all members of a group project are required to attend the contest. At least one student from the group must attend to represent the project and interview with the judges. 

Make it Better!

Take the feedback from your judges and improve your project before the state contest. Ask a trusted adult to proofread your copy. Do more research. Change or add to your information. Revise your project to make it the best it can be!


Welcome Teachers!

Please do not re-register yourself or your students for the state contest. Teacher and student information is already in the system. 

Teacher Registration Instructions:  

  1. Login to your teacher profile (do not create a new account). Use your existing NHD username and password.
  2. Check that your school appears on the schools list.  If it does not, you can add it under Register -> Schools. 
  3. Link yourself to your school in your teacher profile, if needed.
  4. Correct information in your profile as needed.
  5. Check status of your students as needed. 
  6. Please help to make sure that your students have turned in their process paper, annotated bibliography, and other information required for their entry type. 

**See the Student's Main tab for student registration instructions.


Welcome Judges!

Sign up here to serve as a contest judge.

If you have already registered as a contest judge, you will receive details about your judging assignment by email.

If you have any questions, please send an email to johanna.bringhurst@ishs.idaho.gov.


If you are interested in volunteering at the NHD in Idaho State Contest, please email Johanna Bringhurst to sign up!


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